Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas is over, time to reflect on the past year and look at forward to the next one.  The past year has been a decent one.  It's had it's ups and downs as you would expect.  I have met and made many new friends and have reconnected with many old ones.  For many years I had been searching for my 2nd  grade teacher, Mrs. Kimbrough.  I've always felt she was the first person who truly believed in me.  I finally got to thank her.  We talk on occasion and hope to go visit her soon.  Art-wise, I'm happy with the stuff I've created.  Freedom Chickens were born!!!  I've gotten some great publicity.  I'm thankful for everyone who has supported me in the past year.  Next year is looking to be huge.

Got some sad news this morning from the most unlikely of sources.  My exwife texted me to let me know that Marie Rogers had passed away.  By the time I got to know Marie in 2003 or so, she wasn't making a whole lot of pottery and it had become almost impossible to get any from her.  She lived just around the corner from me and we would talk sometimes at church.  I started buying her pottery, initially for resale.  I was in the antique auction business and the pieces that I ran through there were making me some really good money.  Then I began to appreciate it and started collecting it for myself.  From there I started learning more about folk pottery and collecting it.  I collected pottery for quite a few years.  Collecting folk pottery introduced me to folk art.  I became amazed at the simplicity of much of it. There were no rules to it.  An artist could express himself however he wanted to, without boundaries, in the most simplistic of ways.  They didn't have to listen to someone telling them how it should be done. 

Thank you Ms. Marie.  You and your art introduced me to folk pottery and folk art.  I feel like now, in part because of you, that I know where I belong.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'll Have a Blue Christmas........

Blue Christmas has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs.  The Elvis version of course.  I'm not really fond of holidays.  I don't think there is any deep psychological reasoning behind it.  Maybe I just do too much reflecting this time of year.  In my opinion, Christmas has become too commericialized.  Anyway, back to where I was really heading with this whole thing.  I've had my aunt Mary Ann Weaver on my mind a whole lot lately.  Many of you know, she just recently had a lung transplant at Duke Medical Center.  Her house was always a must for Christmas during the past several years.  She will be spending Christmas in the hospital this year recovering from her transplant.  Please continue praying for her. 
Several people have really touched me this Christmas.  The daughter who is giving her mother a trip down to see me and talk art is probably one of the best gifts I have received in a long time.  I've always thought of gifts as being temporary, blessings are eternal. 
Thinking of Christmas this year, there will be some blue, but there will also be some reds, whites, yellows, greens.  Don't just give a gift, give a blessing.

Monday, December 6, 2010

World Keep On Turning....

I hadn't posted a blog in a while, not really sure where this will go.  I've been keeping busy.  The real job has been stressful.  The Starving Artist job is sounding better and better.  Going to be doing Holiday Hatch Market on Saturday.  Looking forward to doing it but i hope it is much warmer.  Had to make some tough decisions lately.  I've been asked to make some stuff that I don't want to do.  For future reference:  Never ask me to make a toilet paper holder.  I chose to not do them.  Of course I co do it for the money, but I don't like doing stuff when there is no inspiration or desire. My art, as crazy as some of it is, is personal.  It is my thoughts and experiences. I just want to share them and hopefully put a smile on someone's face.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To everything... Turn, Turn, Turn

Well I made it 40.  Doesn't feel any different really.  I was asked how it felt to be 40, my reply was I woke up and looked in the mirror and I am still Good Looking so it's going to be alright.  I hadn't really thought about what to post, just thought I would do something.  Art sales seem to be picking back up which is a good sign.  Speaking of good signs, I delivered a sign I did for Kitchen Drawer magazine today.  They will be using it this weekend at Doctoberfest.  If you're in Griffin go by and drink some beer for me in celebration of Griffin's most famous former resident.  I've had a real good couple of weeks making art.  Also did a little work on the business side of it as well.  That's the not so fun part, but it's just as necessary.   I went to Kentuck on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun.  I got to meet alot of my favorite artists and see some that I already know.  I will never forget the conversation I had with Buddy Snipe.  Thanks to Madison Latimer for my birthday turtle.  Got a Freedom Chicken coming your way.  Looking forward to the next year....

Peace, Love, and Freedom Chickens..... SamG

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Junkman Looks at 40......

Went and did the pre-birthday ritual today of getting my license renewed and getting new tag for the old truck.  For the past couple weeks, I have been really dreading this 40th birthday coming up on Saturday.  I don't like birthdays.  I seldom celebrate them.  Birthdays are the time I reflect the past year and see what I've accomplished.  Usually, I'm not real happy about it.  This year is different though.  I've taken big steps and with a little luck, and some great friends (both old and new), I've managed to come out pretty happy about how things have turned out.   Looking back over the last 40 years, there have been some good times and bad times, some people have come into my life and some have left it.  And thanks to Facebook, some have re-entered it.   I am thankful for them all, because each one has played a small part in making me who I have become.  The little girl who used to complain about giving me a pencil every day has became one of my best friends.  I got to thank the best Second Grade teacher who ever lived and tell her how much I appreciate how she believed in me as a child.  I'm painting that memory very soon and plan on hand delivering it to her as well. 

Bring on 40....  I'm ready for it.  I'm already making big plans for next year.  Something that is very difficult for a "day to day" person like myself.  I am excited about the challenge.  Even though I'm growing old, it don't mean i'm getting mature.  I have always told people that i'm immature for my age though.  The last 40 years have been pretty good.  The next 40 years are going to be great!!!  The third 40 years, Lord willing, i'm not expecting a whole lot... but we'll see!!!! 

My goal for the next year came to me a couple weeks ago... "Ain't much happiness left in the world, and I got to do something about it!!!!"


Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Power of Art

This weekend has been a great one.  Had a good time and met some good people on Saturday.  As most of you know, I am a Self-Taught artist.  I learn a little something with each piece that i make.  One of the lessons that I've been learning lately is how powerful art can be.  The past couple of weeks have really opened my eyes a little more on that subject.  Art is an extension of the artist, it can show their personality, their past, their outlook or any other part of them that they choose to express. 

To me though, the power of art is how it can make people feel.  Art has many purposes.  It can make people think.  It can make a political statement.  It can bring back a glimpse of the past.  But what I've seen lately, is art can make people SMILE!!!!  I've had several real good examples of that this weekend.  I will cherish those memories for a long time!!!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bluebird Folk Art Village this Saturday

I'm really looking forward to this one.  I'll be there all day doing some "Paintin' in Public."   Like I have said before, "Watching dry is more fun than it sounds."  Patti Robinson, you are awesome.  Next Saturday I will be celebrating my 40th birthday.  I have chosen to do this at Kentuck.  What better way to celebrate getting old than by surrounding yourself with great art and great artists.  Look forward to seeing some of my artist friends there as well.  As far as turning 40 goes, i realized a couple weeks ago that i need glasses, and am starting to wonder if the hearing is going as well. I still got most of what's left of my mind and I look better than ever!!!! LOL 

I have a dream, and it's almost to the point where i can touch it just out of reach or am I scared to reach a little farther.... 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Shall I tell you about my life??? They say i'm a Man of the World....

That's one of my favorite songs, by one of my favorites Peter Green.  If you are not familiar with Peter Green check him out on YouTube, back in the days of the original Fleetwood Mac.  Feels appropriate right now,  just got done doing my first ever interview for a publication... got contacted today by another local paper wanting to do a story on me too!!!!  Getting ready for what will be the busiest weekend i've had in a long time.  I'll be in Tuscaloosa, AL on Friday night for the Alabama Blues Project "Evening of Art & Blues"  Saturday and Sunday, I'll be set up selling art and junk for "Cotton Pickin' Fair" weekend on Hwy 85 about 2 miles north of Alvaton.  Come see me.... just look for the Elvis Angel. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My first ever attempt at "blogging"

Okee dokee....  so i got a blog thingy.  I don't really know why but I do.  I'm excited about all the stuff that's happening so fast with my art.  Fixing to start the month of October, i have a lot planned... i will be at the Alabama Blues Project Evening of Art & Blues on Friday Oct 1.  I'm setting up just north of Alvaton for "Cotton Pickin Fair" weekend on Oct 2 & 3.  Will be doing a "SamG Paintin' in Public" at Folk Art Village at TUAC Gallery in Thomaston GA on Oct. 9th.  I will also be showing work at TUAC gallery for the whole month of October.  I'm still up in the air over doing Concord Jubilee... It's the weekend of my 40th birthday and I'm thinking I'd rather go check out Kentuck.  Anyway, this is the first blog of maybe a couple more that i'll do sometime soon.  Until then Peace, Leave, and Freedom Chickens!!!!