Monday, December 30, 2013

2013... A year of making changes, taking chances,

My New Year's Resolution for 2013 was to "Make Changes, Take Chances, and Shine Brightly." I think I may not have shined as brightly as I'd hoped, but it was largely in part to accomplishing the first two objectives.  I've made a lot of changes this year.  I relocated to the Northeast GA mountains, I basically left my hometown and everything familiar to continue chasing this crazy dream I have.  It has definitely had it's struggles, but thanks to God and great friends I've managed to make it through it.  Thanks to everyone for their support!

It's been a tough year as an artist.  The economy combined with the large amount of rain that washed out many of the shows made it tough for most everyone I know.  I'm looking at taking a new direction with my art.  I'm thinking I will probably not do as many shows this coming year.  I'm seriously burned out on them.  Want to focus more on doing better quality art, rather than a higher quantity needed to do shows on a regular basis.  Right now I'm taking some much needed time off, will start back making art in the next couple of weeks. 

Many of my close friends know some of the things that I've gone through in the past year.  I'm not going into those right now.  I've been at some of the lowest points in my life during the past year.  Where I'm sitting right this second, I don't think I could be any happier. 

My thoughts right now are something along these lines.... Life is a ride, you can either keep your eyes forward toward your destination, you can look out the window and enjoy the scenery as it passes you by, or you can roll that window down and stick your head out and really experience it... but you can also make stops along the way and enjoy it.... 

Thanks everybody for your support of SamG during the past year... 2014 is going to be magical.. I can feel it!!!!! 

Happy New Year Everyone..... Peace, Love, and Give Somebody a FREE HUG!!!! 


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bah Humbug!!!!

I'll admit, I'm not much of a fan of Christmas.  I haven't been for quite a long time.  I usually go through a period of depression from my birthday in October until after January 1.  No real explanation for it, it just happens.  I spent last Christmas alone, sick, drinking MD 20/20.  It's the best cold medicine in the world.  And several years ago, I had the "molesucker" experience that has become a SamG Classic.  I do have some good memories of Christmas though.  When my mom was living, there was always a great dinner.  I got some really great toys, many of which i still have.  I only wish Stretch Armstrong had been more durable, but seeing the purple stuff oozing out of him was pretty cool too. 

Christmas is also that one time of year when you have to see those members of your family that you really don't like.  That's enough to spoil anything, for me.  It far outweighs getting to see the ones you do like.  Christmas music gets on my nerves too.  I like Christmas songs, but i guess when it's played continuously nonstop, I can't take it. 

There are some things that I really like about Christmas.  Here's a quick list:  Fudge.

But seriously, I'm looking forward to the holidays, this year.  Spending them somewhere new, with someone new.  2013 sucked.  This year has pretty much seen me at the lowest point of my life.  I've been through a lot since the first of the year.  I'm liking the way it's ending though. I'm curious to see what the future holds. 

As for my art, I'm not sure what direction I'm going to take.  I'm tired of doing shows.  Think I'm definitely going to slow down and do a limited schedule next year.  Will most definitely be taking some time off after my open house this weekend.  I'll analyze it after then.  But first, I'm ready to enjoy the holidays for a change!!! 

Merry Christmas from SamG

Monday, October 14, 2013

Well I outlived Elvis, even though he ain't dead....

Sitting here pondering my upcoming birthday in a couple of days.  I don't like birthdays, haven't for many years.  I'm happy to see each one of them come though.  I'll be celebrating 43 in 2 days.  So that means I outlived Elvis, even though I don't think he is dead.  Birthdays are the time I reflect the past year, there have been a lot of things happen since I failed to show for my birthday party last year.  Not the first time I've done that either. 

I've been through a lot and made a lot of changes.  Finally realized that nothing was going to change unless I made some.  So I ended a long up and down relationship and moved to the mountains.  I wanted to be around creative people and people who appreciated art.  I found both and so much more.  What I found is the most eclectic group of people you can imagine, welcoming new comers with open arms and showing love to all.  I have strengthened relationships with many fellow artist friends and have met and made friendships with other artists that I didn't previously know.  I'm very thankful to be where I am now.  I have found the place in the world where I belong. 

It's had it's challenges though.  I've been a full time artist for almost 3 years.  It was much easier financially when I wasn't alone.  The heavy amounts of rain this spring and summer made it difficult for myself and many other artists to make a living.  I've taken on a part time job to help pay the bills.   I'm thankful that God always provided what I needed, just in time.  I'm very thankful to him for a lot of things. 

I went through a pretty rough period of depression.  I felt like my spirit had been broken.  I had no desire to make art or do much of anything else.  God and great friends got me through it.  I still don't feel like i've regained my art magic though.  I'm happy with most of the work that i've done, but productivity has really slowed down a lot.  I'm ready to get my magic back, rebuild  my confidence in myself, refocus on my art and be all the SamG that I can be.  I have goals and dreams.  An old wise junkman once said, "Dreamers have a way of making them come true."  I plan on doing just that... and I have some pretty big dreams!!!!

Looking forward to 43 and all it will bring.  I'm thinking it's going to be something special.

I also want to pay my respects to Carter Wellborn, who passed away today.  Want to thank Peter Loose for taking me along for a visit about a month ago to meet him, along with Eric Legge and Kip Ramey.  We spent several hours there that afternoon.  Most people viewed Carter as a mentally challenged artist.  What I saw was a pure genius.  A man completely innocent from the world around him.  A man who lived in a world in which he did not belong, who had suffered his whole life because of it.  He was happy nonetheless. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Mountains Shall Bring Peace to the People....

Just wrapped up my first one-man show yesterday at The Creative Alternative in Macon, GA.  Would like to thank Brooks Dantzler for hosting it and allowing me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.  Love ya Mama D!!!!  I'm talking to someone too about another gallery show too.  I'll let you know the details on that as soon as I get it figured out. 

Been making a lot of changes to my life lately.  I left the drama of the old hometown and headed to the Northeast GA Mountains.  I wanted to find a place where I could be around creative people, people who appreciated art, and to find peace within myself.  So far, I have a good start at achieving all three.  If I could only slow down enough to enjoy it. 

This year has definitely had it's challenges.  Along with the hassle and expenses of moving, there hasn't been much cooperation from the weather.  Rain has made it much more difficult for artists like myself who make a living doing art shows.  Luckily, I have met several new customers since I relocated that have really helped to ease the burden.  God's been helping a whole lot too.  I've really been amazed at the prayers he's answered. 

As far as art goes, I'm just now getting back into the groove of it.  I feel a little bit of a shift in style coming, and have been really wanting to get away from some of the crazy stuff for a while and do more of my memory paintings.  I have a lot of those old family memories that I want to share before they are lost. 

As far as Me is going, I'm tired.  I'm ready to rest some and slow the pace down just a little bit.  I've done a lot of 2 show weekends lately.  I still feel like i'm spinning through life lost with little or no direction.  On a journey but running around in circles at the moment.  I have a feeling a lot of that is fixing to change though, excited to see how much.  Hopefully one day I'll remember to ask how to pronounce her last name. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Me and Women... a brief synopsis.

Looking back over my life, I've always had problems with women.  Even though I feel like I've always related to women better, and most of my best friends are women, I just have trouble with relationships.  I guess it all started when I was about 3 or 4 years old, the family who lived next door to us at the time had a daughter about my age.  It's been so long ago that I don't even remember their names.  I was always terrified of this little girl, and I'm positive that she has grown into a Devil Woman much like ones that I depict in my art.  Anytime I would see her outside I would refuse to go.  The problem with her is that she would always bite the hell out of me.  It wouldn't be a vicious dog attack like bite.  She would play nice and sweet for a while and even promise not to bite me but before it was all said and done, I knew she would.  Had they not moved away, I'm sure I would have been bitten to death by the time I was eight. 

I was a shy, awkward kid.  I haven't changed much really.  People that see the crazy side of me are surprised to learn how shy I really am.  If you've followed my stories for a while, you've already read the one about me falling in the holly bush, and my bad experience with the nurse, both women. Both of those explain my clumsiness and naivety.  I'm still a little of both of those too. 

You'll have to catch me in person to get me to tell you stories about individual relationships, but just tell me which ones you want to hear.  There are the "Babygirl Sagas",  "The Married Years", "The Girl Who Run Me Out Cause I Said Her Butt Stank (that one is a classic)", "The Mole-Titty"  and a couple of stories involving midgets, just to name a few.  There are some fond memories of each but they all end in failure. 

I have come to the conclusion that I will never understand women. So, I have decided that maybe I should make it easier for them to understand me.  I tried the internet dating thing right after my divorce, without a whole lot of luck.  People don't like honesty on those things.  They're looking for someone who lies about enjoying yachting, vacationing in Paris, and quiet walks in the park.  I offered someone who is broke as hell, don't much give a shit about anything, whose hobbies include making art and eating 'mater biscuits.

So here is a brief summary of how to understand me: 

I make art not because I like to, but I have to.  It's not the most profitable career I could have chosen, but it is my calling, my passion, and will be my journey. 

I'm self centered.  My world revolves around me.  I won't notice if you get a haircut or have new ear rings.  You will have to point things out to me. I'm very driven at achieving the goals that I have. 

 I'm not able to read your mind. I'm also not very observant.  I won't know anything until you tell me.

I probably don't give a shit.  That pretty much answers questions like, "Where do you want to go eat?"  "What type of shoes should I wear?"

I can't make multiple choice decisions.  I still don't have cookware because everytime I go into the store to look at it, I can't decide which set to get and burst into tears and leave crying. 

I'm immature, I decided what I want to be when I grow up.  I want to be a kid.  Always expect a practical joke or one of any number of childish acts to occur. 

I snore and fart in my sleep.  That one should be self explanatory. 

I'm moody. 

I like Tomato Biscuits. 

The one that most women I've encountered have with me though is, I'm not going to change. 

That's a good start on understanding me.  If anybody meets those qualifications and would like to hear Round 2-14.  Just let me know. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

On the Road Again....

Can't wait to get on the road again.  Only about 3 weeks away from my first show of the year.  Alot has changed since my last post on here, including my address.  So don't go to the little white house behind the post office in Concord, GA looking for me.  I don't live there anymore.  I enjoyed my time there and have some great memories.  I just had to get out for fear of losing my sanity.  I'd lost all desire to pretty much do anything, including making art and living. 

I came to realize that I'm hauling way too much of the past around with me.  Both material and personal baggage that has me weighted down.  So, I'll likely be thinning out my collection in the near future.  I've gotten my head back thinking right and gotten back to work.  I'm my own worst critic, but I'm very happy with the stuff i've done lately.  Hope the public enjoys it too.  

The most important thing that I've learned during all of this is how much most people care.  Also learned how to drop a few folks out of my life that were a hinderance to it.  I'm really looking forward to my next couple of shows, Folk to Fine Arts in Commerce, GA and the Doo-Nanny in Seale, AL....  The Doo-Nanny is my favorite show of the year, by far.  It's the one place where I can be all the SamG that I want to be.  Should be meeting a lot of people I know from the internet but never met in person.  Look forward to that too.  I love doing shows.  Love to get out and meet new people, experience new things, and hear some cool music.  Looking at some new markets to work on this year too. 

For those that don't know me well, I worked a travelling job for 5 years before I decided to pursue art as a career.  I worked for Advance Auto Parts setting up and remodeling stores.  Got to see a lot of the country that I wouldn't have ever seen.  For the record, Cape Cod, Mass has the ugliest people in the USA.  It put the road in my blood though, desire to go, see, and experience.  I'd turned into a hermit the last several months.  Now I just can't wait to get on the road again........