Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hopes, Dreams, and the World's Largest Grit

I was looking through my Facebook Memories earlier today and came across a post from 4 years ago that read, "i have an idea for an art thing and need a big huge rock... anybody got one or know where i can get one?"  That post started my idea for a major tourist attraction and the fiberglass well cover rock was transformed into "The World's Largest Grit."  I took it to a few shows with me, even had it at the Doo-Nanny one year.  Then when me and my exgirlfriend split up, I thought I'd left it behind her house.  Two years ago, on my birthday, I discovered it under my brother's barn where I'd lived briefly.  I brought it home to the mountains and although it is need of restoration, i proudly displayed it on my front porch.  When I moved earlier this year, it went into storage with all of my other worldly possessions where it remains.

My original vision for "The World's Largest Grit" was a major tourist attraction.  Every good Southerner across the galaxy would have to come see it for themselves.  Over the years, the dream has grown much bigger.  Since I began doing art in November of 2007, I've dreamed of doing an art environment.  I want to create a home, a studio, and my own world.  I've long said that I want to be a tourist attraction.  Also as part of it, I'd like to have a place where other artists could stay and participate in development as well as create and sell their own work.

Not only would it be the new permanent home for the World's Largest Grit, it would also be the location for my Magic Hippy Circus, and the World's Greatest Imaginary Amusement Park, which is also currently stored in an empty box inside my storage building.

I have the property picked out.  When I first drove by it, I saw it completed as "World Famous SamG Land."  I already know from my vision how it is supposed to look, I just have to make the transformation happen.  There are currently about 75,000 reasons that I can't make it happen.  I tell people about my idea and they all tell me I should set up a GoFundMe account.  I tell them if you want to support it, then buy my art.  I don't want anyone to give me anything.

So at this point I'm still looking for a dumbass or an entrepreneur.  I always get those two words mixed up.  Until this crazy dream of mine comes true, I'm going to keep chasing it......

Art, Love, Perfect TV hair..........