Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'll Have a Blue Christmas........

Blue Christmas has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs.  The Elvis version of course.  I'm not really fond of holidays.  I don't think there is any deep psychological reasoning behind it.  Maybe I just do too much reflecting this time of year.  In my opinion, Christmas has become too commericialized.  Anyway, back to where I was really heading with this whole thing.  I've had my aunt Mary Ann Weaver on my mind a whole lot lately.  Many of you know, she just recently had a lung transplant at Duke Medical Center.  Her house was always a must for Christmas during the past several years.  She will be spending Christmas in the hospital this year recovering from her transplant.  Please continue praying for her. 
Several people have really touched me this Christmas.  The daughter who is giving her mother a trip down to see me and talk art is probably one of the best gifts I have received in a long time.  I've always thought of gifts as being temporary, blessings are eternal. 
Thinking of Christmas this year, there will be some blue, but there will also be some reds, whites, yellows, greens.  Don't just give a gift, give a blessing.

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  1. Sam, I think I may be the MOM you are talking about! Whit, gave me her gift this weekend and I was so excited. I consider this my blessing also. You see, I am pretty much homebound because of some health problems. Art has become my therapy and I find so much hope through it. When Whit told me she had actually put the whole trip together with you, my heart just busted! This is the kind of gift that I love... one of time and thought. I can't wait to meet you and use the $50.00 gift cert. you gave me! You are one of my blessings this year! Yvette