Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Power of Art

This weekend has been a great one.  Had a good time and met some good people on Saturday.  As most of you know, I am a Self-Taught artist.  I learn a little something with each piece that i make.  One of the lessons that I've been learning lately is how powerful art can be.  The past couple of weeks have really opened my eyes a little more on that subject.  Art is an extension of the artist, it can show their personality, their past, their outlook or any other part of them that they choose to express. 

To me though, the power of art is how it can make people feel.  Art has many purposes.  It can make people think.  It can make a political statement.  It can bring back a glimpse of the past.  But what I've seen lately, is art can make people SMILE!!!!  I've had several real good examples of that this weekend.  I will cherish those memories for a long time!!!


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  1. You can do it Sam. Don't ever quit reaching for that Dream. You are a great person and I wish you the best. I am so glad "paintin in Public" was born to give more and more people an opportunity to meet you and see you in action. LOL Dianne