Monday, December 31, 2012

2012..... looking back..... looking ahead

I look back at 2012 with a lot of positives and negatives.  The biggest positive is all of the wonderful friends I've made and the opportunity to meet so many people and share my art and give out a couple thousand "Free Hugs!"  One of the goals I hoped to achieve this year was to be an inspiration to other artists.  I think I've laid a good foundation and hope to continue doing that.  I've made people smile, which is why I make art to begin with.  I'm happy also with the development of my art, I've done some different type of work and have been mostly pleased with my output.  The art part of me has gone pretty well. 

Struggles this year have been in my personal life.  Relationship problems, financial difficulties, and depression top the list. I've become way too reclusive.  Some of those will carry over into the new year, but that's just everyday life stuff.  I'm looking at making some changes over the next year.  The old "If it ain't working, change something" quote comes to mind.  I've been reading my Bible lately, asking God for his direction.  Was reading about the part about having a light and hiding it under a bushel.  Kinda spoke to me and told me I need to let my light shine even more. 

So my New Year's Resolution, "Make Changes, Take Chances, Shine Brightly!"

Happy New Year My Friends


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  1. You got it going Sam G . You have some great art out there....looking ahead to see some future works.
    Keep up the great work.